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Kuun Jaadas

Community Member Profile

22 September 2022

Meet Adeana Young.

You might recognize her from her role as Hlaaya in the film Edge of the Knife. During which, she had the pleasure of working alongside her husband and four children. As a Haida language enthusiast, her participation in the film project aligned with her desire to contribute to the revitalization of the X̱aad Kil and X̱aayda Kil dialects. Given this was her inaugural big-screen performance, fans might well predict a future in the industry!

Off-screen and among her Old Massett community, Adeana Young is known as Kuun Jaadas of the Ts’aahl Laanas clan. Some of her present and past occupations include – Director of the Haida Child & Family Services Society and the Niislaa Naay Healing House Society, Councillor for Old Massett Village Council, School District 50 Trustee, and enthusiastic fundraiser to name but a few.

As a political junkie, her experience and keen interest in provincial, federal, and cultural politics is expansive, though the true enjoyment for her lies in bolstering existing knowledge. When asked her opinion about key aspects of community transformation, she might likely highlight the importance of sharing our stories; i.e. oral tradition. By discussing the triumphs and pitfalls of our own personal growth, we set an example that encourages others to do the same. The healing power of vulnerability and the courage to lay bare our experiences cannot be understated. And when others tell of their struggles and accomplishments, Young’s flames are fanned to keep challenging the structural barriers that prevent genuine societal growth and inclusivity to this day.

Young’s diverse passions keep her in high demand. She has been a speaker at the University of Toronto and a panel speaker for the reconciliation semester at the Haida Gwaii Institute. Inevitably, she shines brightest when she shares her own story; modelling humility and honesty as she discusses life as an indigenous woman, community leader, mom and resident of Haida Gwaii.

Through the countless challenges of being a political advocate and role model, Young has had to bear immense weight upon her broad shoulders – an undertaking she has navigated with grace. As a community, suffice to say we are proud to celebrate Kuun Jaadas’ Adeana Young’s exemplary strides as a strong Haida woman.

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