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Take an outdoor adventure vacation of a lifetime with Land and Sea Services. Land and Sea Services provides customized fishing holidays in a family-oriented setting. Much more than a charter company or outfitter, Land and Sea Services caters to guests starting from the moment they arrive in Haida Gwaii. Guests will be met at the airport and transported to a cozy two-bedroom home, your base and comfortable accommodation for the duration of your visit. Settle in and then get ready for your ocean adventure. 

Land and Sea Services provides full outfitting services, including safety equipment and fishing gear, plus expert guide services to some of Haida Gwaii’s sweetest fishing spots. Guides will teach you how to fish for salmon, ling cod, halibut and more. After your fishing trip, your professional guides will teach you how to process your catch, which can be cooked and served the day it’s caught, or sent to a processing facility for packaging and shipping back home. For those who choose to eat their catch fresh, your guides will offer instruction on the proper cleaning and cooking and help you prepare an unforgettable fresh seafood meal, the best way to get the most flavour out of your Pacific catch. 

Guests may also opt for a guided tour of the waters around Haida Gwaii without fishing as well as land tours. Both land and sea excursions can be tailored to your interests, and guests are encouraged to visit some of the many cultural sites around Haida Gwaii. Three to seven-day packages are Land and Sea Services’ most popular options, but your vacation can be tailored to fit your specific needs and interests in seeing and experiencing the wonder and magic of Haida Gwaii.

53 Bayview Drive
Port Clements, BC, V0T 1R0


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