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Founded in 2019, Homegrown Adventures offers fat e-bikes tours of Haida Gwaii. Locally owned and operated, we offer a once in a lifetime experience of Haida Gwaii. Our E-bikes are easy to get the hang of and you will never want to peddle a normal bike again. Fortunately, with the e-bikes you can see in a few hours what would take you all day hiking. For those flying, there are limited options for getting off the beaten path.  On Haida Gwaii, most rental cars restrict you to paved roads, yet there are thousands of kilometres of logging roads and beaches.  What you need is an all-purpose exploration solution, ideally suited to our eco-conscious archipelago. The SUV of bicycles has electric assist with 4-inch “fat” tires that float over soft sand, soggy fields or mud with ease. 

Pedal-assist levels allow you to set how much or little help you want from the hub motor. If you are sightseeing or want a workout, use level 1 or 2 and the battery will take you a minimum of 50-70 km. If you are climbing hills or going through soft sand or mud, set the pedal assist higher.  A separate throttle gives you the control to take it slow through rough parts on a trail, or for an immediate burst of maximum power for sticky situations.  The step-thru models make it easy to hop on and off the bike if you need a quick exit.

Our tour guides have lots of interesting facts to share and can introduce you to local artists and point out the local galleries. 

Family Friendly
4112 Oceanview Drive
Tlell, BC, V0T 1S0

778 488 0555

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