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Haida Style Expeditions offers visitors a unique firsthand experience with the rich, ancient heritage and culture and the thrilling, breathtaking natural wonders of Haida Gwaii, its waters and its peoples. Professional guides with an intimate, personal knowledge of the island’s out-of-the-way places will take guests to some of the island’s remotest waters. Capturing the intermarriage between Haida culture and the environment, guests are introduced to the ancient Haida way of life. Opportunities for salmon and halibut fishing are only a small part of the Haida Style experience. Guides with extensive knowledge of the region and its history share their own personal stories, traditions and fishing techniques with guests. Education is a central component of every Haida Style Expeditions tour. Visitors will come away from their Haida Style experience with a deeper understanding of self and their relation to the environment as well as a new appreciation for Haida culture. Guests can choose from kayak or Zodiac tours. Every tour is unique, personal and provides a one-of-a-kind perspective by individual crew members. Tours can be customized to suit individuals and groups.

Safety is Haida Style Expeditions’ highest priority. All guides are fully certified in MED A1, A2 and A3, Wilderness First Aid, Radio Operator (ROC) and Small Vessel Certified (SVOP)

Family Friendly
Haida Owned &amp Operated
Wheel Chair Accessible
#2 Second Beach Rd
Skidegate, BC, V0T1S1


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