Haida Gwaii Glamping Co

The moment you arrive at the Haida Gwaii Glamping Co. you can feel the city bit by grimy bit fall away.  Your shoulders loosen up, your lungs expand, your ears begin to pick up…could that be a birdsong? Haida Gwaii Glamping Co. offers a boutique camping experience with a cool twist of luxury and nature … Read More

Hidden Island RV & Campground

Make yourself at home while you adventure around the resplendent Haida Gwaii. Located steps away from the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Hidden Island RV & Campground is your home base for exploring all the hidden treasure these islands have to offer. A relaxing oasis, Hidden Island RV & Campground is equipped with serviced sites, … Read More

Chy Tonn Cabin

Unplug from all the noise and chaos while you settle into a serene Haida Gwaii retreat. Located in the majestic Naikoon Provincial Park, Chy Tonn Cabin has all the answers for a beach-front vacation filled with peace and quiet. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or an epic surf trip, this off-grid … Read More


Formerly Rapid Richie’s, kingfishercabins.com offers eco-friendly, comfortable, furnished and equipped cabin accommodation. The Edenvale dollhouse (on Kingfisher Drive) is located 200′ from the Chown River, and has all the‎ amenities, save for the outhouse. The Riverside (also on Kingfisher Drive) sits right on the banks of the Chown River, which has all the amenities, including … Read More

Haida Gwaii Beach Cabins

Haida Gwaii Beach Cabins are the epitome of rustic-chic by the sea. Boasting hand-crafted workmanship with a cozy ambience, these off-grid cabins are nestled along lush trees atop Tow Hill in Masset. They are the perfect accommodation option for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint. With three comfortable cabins to choose from, secluded from … Read More

North Beach Cabins

Come to the edge of the world and relax while you revel in the sights and sounds of Haida Gwaii’s Naikoon Provincial Park. North Beach Cabins provides guests with an authentic eco-tourism experience in the heart of Haida Gwaii’s pristine native environment. Relax in comfort on the wrap-around deck of one of four well-appointed cabins … Read More