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Freda Davis

Community Member Profile

22 September 2022

Meet Freda Davis.

Davis lives and works in G̱aw Tlagée (Old Massett). She belongs to the Yahgu Jaanaas clan.

Her reputation of an impressive work ethic has seen her elected to the Old Massett Village Council three times. She is currently on her second term as Deputy Chief and meets her daily demands with unwavering determination and integrity.

She is a wealth of information on anything from funding to available employment. If you have an idea for business, she can help you navigate the ins and outs of community needs and protocols.

Davis also serves as a board member for The Great Bear Initiative and is the Education/Economic Development Chair for Old Massett Village Council. Not to be found idle, she also sits on the Culture and Tourism Committee for the Council of the Haida Nation.

When not taking part in the various committee and council meetings, she takes care of her extended family. Whether in the form of chauffeuring for school functions or late night munchies, it’s clear that she is never too busy for family.

In fact, she says it’s her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews that keep her motivated to keep working towards a better future for her community.

Most recently, Davis has been an integral part in overseeing the creation of a memorial wall in G̱aw Tlagée – an impressive collaboration by local Haida artists to celebrate that which they hope to carry from the past, long into the future.

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