Gwaii Haanas

Planning your visit Gwaii Haanas balances recreation with protection of the natural and cultural features that attract people. With this in mind, the number of visitors entering Gwaii Haanas each day is limited. Available space is distributed between guided and independent travelers. July to mid-August is the busiest travel period, so if you plan to … Read More


Naikoon Provincial Park – Agate Beach and Misty Meadows Naikoon is the traditional territory of the Haida Nation and figures prominently in their present lifestyles and history. There are many places of cultural and spiritual importance as well as historic village sites and important food gathering sites throughout the park. Colonial settlement began in the … Read More

Protected Areas

Daawuuxusda Heritage Site/Conservancy The people of the Haida Nation have occupied and collected food and materials from the Daawuuxusda west coast Heritage Site/Conservancy area since time immemorial. There are seven known Haida villages and seasonal camps within the heritage site/conservancy at Ga Sindas Llnagaay, Kaayjuu Llnagaay, SGaay Taw Llnagaay, Kaysuun Llnagaay, Nadsuu ‘Lngee, Ts’aahl and Stlaasiid. The remote location … Read More