Naikoon Provincial Park – Agate Beach and Misty Meadows

Naikoon is the traditional territory of the Haida Nation and figures prominently in their present lifestyles and history. There are many places of cultural and spiritual importance as well as historic village sites and important food gathering sites throughout the park. Colonial settlement began in the early 1900’s; although it failed to prosper, evidence of settlements can still be found within the park.

Naikoon was designated a Class A park in 1973. The area is comprised of a mixture of coastal temperate rainforest ecosystems, wetlands and bogs, sand dunes and approximately 100 km of beaches. Taaw Tow Hill and Nee Kun Rose Spit are iconic natural features that are also prominent in Haida traditional stories. Naikoon lies entirely within the Queen Charlotte Lowland eco-region. Primary attractions for visitors include Haida cultural history, 100 km of beaches, hiking, fishing, and wilderness camping.

Park Size: 69,071 hectares (upland: 66,961 ha; foreshore: 2,110 ha)


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Protected Areas and Heritage sites