Museums and Heritage Centre

Haida Heritage Centre

The Haida Heritage Centre at Ḵay Llnagaay is an award-winning Aboriginal cultural tourism attraction located. Through the Haida Heritage Centre we celebrate the living culture of the Haida people. Through our language, art and stories we share our relationship with the land and sea that which shapes, nourishes, and sustains us. The Haida Heritage Centre protects and fosters Haida culture by reaffirming our traditions and beliefs, encouraging artistic expression and serving as a keeper of all that we are. The Haida Heritage Centre is a place for the Haida voice to be heard.

This is our gift to the world.

Saahlinda Naay Haida Gwaii Museum

The Haida Gwaii museum offers a fascinating look into Haida Gwaii culture from diverse perspectives that explores; Haida knowledge, scientific information, natural specimens, oral history and art all blend together in a fluid and constantly changing exhibit context. We work collaboratively with communities and organizations to provide an inspiring and holistic learning experience of all things Haida Gwaii.

Port Clements Museum

The Port Clements museum is operated by the Port Clements Historical Society.  The Society was formed in 1985 and after countless volunteer hours the museum opened its doors in 1987.  The indoor and outdoor displays are open daily to the public from June to September and on weekends for the remainder of the year.  The archives are not open to the public but arrangement can be made with the archivist for access to items. We have teamed up with the Village of Port Clements and now serve as the village’s Visitor's Information Centre.

Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum

The Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum is operated by the Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum Society. The building was originally built as a hospital in 1914, and has gone through numerous identities over the years, from a school to a teacher’s residence. The museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts, photographs and models of wooden fish boats from the Masset and Old Massett fishing fleet and related local fishing industries such as shipbuilding, whaling stations and crab and clam canneries.

The building is located at 2172 Harrison Ave. The museum is open from May Long weekend until September long weekend, and admission is $5.

Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary and Interpretive Centre

The Delkatla Sanctuary Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in Masset, the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary is a migratory bird sanctuary and home to 140 species of birds at various times throughout the year. The mandate of the Delkatla Sanctuary Society is to protect these birds by preserving their natural habitat here on Haida Gwaii, ensuring that each species will thrive and continue to return to Haida Gwaii each new season. The Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary attracts hundreds of visitors from all over Canada and around the world, including photographers, painters and avid bird watchers. Guests can walk the Sanctuary’s tranquil nature trails and enjoy the views from one of its many viewing platforms and shoreline access points.

The Delkatla Sanctuary Society and the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary are members of the BC Federation of Nature and Bird Studies Canada.

Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary website