Keenawaii’s Kitchen

Casual Dining - Haida Traditional - HlGaagilda Skidegate

For chef Keenawaii Roberta Olson, food is much more than sustenance. It is a cultural experience filled with symbolism and important nuggets of wisdom that can only be transferred through the sharing of an authentic Haida meal. Guests in Keenawaii’s Kitchen will experience a small taste of Haida culture and lifestyle through their meal in a truly unforgettable way.

Each meal features multiple courses and traditional Haida foods. Every dish is cooked fresh, from scratch, with ingredients that have been grown or caught on Haida Gwaii, including many wild-harvested foods. A typical meal may include sguu dried seaweed, dried K’aaw herring eggs on kelp, and gilgii dried salmon, locally-grown vegetables, wild berries and other in-season foods.

Meals are served at Keenawaii’s Kitchen in Skidegate for two to twenty-five guests at each sitting. Advance reservations required. Keenawaii’s Kitchen operates year-round and has been featured in numerous publications, including Good Housekeeping and AirCanada Magazine and online.

Family Friendly
Haida Owned &amp Operated
237 Hwy 16
Skidegate, BC, V0T 1S1


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