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Daajing Giids

The modern village spreads across three Haida village sites, with Daajing Giids towards its eastern downtown centre, Kwahgawgid Llnagaay farther up-inlet, and Xaana at its western extremity. Daajing Giids is just one of the dozens of village sites that proliferated in the rich and protected waters of Skidegate Inlet | Xaana Kaahlii GawGaay.

Hiking in Daajing GIids

To the village’s eastern end, hikers can access Regier Lake Trail via Forestry Hill. The trail leads you up the slopes behind Daajing Giids to Regier Lake. A little farther west, Gore Brook Trail | NansGa Gandlaay K’yuu covers easier ground, looping behind the village. You will find a trailhead at the top of 8th Street. The trail exits behind “The Fishbowl”, a cul-de-sac a little farther west. You can also walk through old-growth forests at Crabapple Creek Trail | Kaahlgwa Gandlaay K’yuu.

Campsites are available at the western end of town at Hayden Turner Camp Ground and Kagan Bay Recreational Site.

Towards the western end of Daajing Giids you can turn north to drive the Queen Charlotte Mainline, which leads to Yakoun Lake | Yaagun and Rennell Sound | Chaahluu Kaahlii.

Don't Miss

Stop in at the Daajing Giids Visitor Centre for expert advice, gifts, and see the interpretive saltwater aquarium.

Walk the trails around the waterfront.

Check out the funky stores and cafes and restaurants on Wharf Walk.

Hike the Gore Brook Trail | NansGa Gandlaay K’yuu and if you’re feeling fit and adventurous, try the excellent Sleeping Beauty Trail | Kuu Jad TlldaGaaw K’yuu. Always make sure to let someone know where you are going and be fully prepared for all aspects of backcountry hiking.

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