Tlell Tll.aal

A brisk 20-minute drive south from Gamadiis Port Clements will bring you to Tll.aal. Tll.aal Gandlaay the Tlell River winds over 55 kilometres inland. Plentiful salmon return to spawn and support residents, just as they did when the site was a bustling Haida village, several thousand years old. Several daa.a house foundations are only around 150 years old; a testament to the area’s natural wealth. These houses were classic monumental cedar structures. In summer, Haida gathered in the area before departing for the mainland in canoe armadas. Today gorgeous shorelines, old-growth forests, rich rivers and beautiful birds draw beachcombers, hikers, fishers and birders alike. More serious hikers can access East Beach Trail on Tll.aal Gandlaay’s north shore. You can also settle for the day hike through old-growth to the shipwreck along Pesuta Trail. The Anvil Trail will take you through flourishing rainforest along Tll.aal Gandlaay’s southern banks.Hungry hikers can enjoy fine dining at a restaurant and bar along Tll.aal Gandlaay. Sleepy ones can rest at a lodge resort, choose from several bed and breakfasts or settle in at the Misty Meadows provincial campground. The next morning the local coffee house will get you started off right. To remember your adventures, a few artisanal stores and studios will connect you with talented local artists.

Don't Miss

See the Tlell stone circle and incredible jewellery & gifts at Crystal Cabin

If you have a pet with you, stop in at Richardson Ranch for veterinary care, boarding and feed supplies.

Don’t miss the festivals out at Tll.aal – the Tlell Fall Fair (earliest in BC) and the awesome Edge of the World music festival

Stop in at Sitka Studio for art, gifts, books and more

Looking for food? Check out the delicious Crow’s Nest Cafe & Country Store 

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