Port Clements Gamadiis

A drive 35 minutes south up Gaw Kaahlii Massett Inlet will carry visitors through bogs and cedar forests, past Gantl’ Gadaas Pure Lake to Gamadiis Port Clements. This is one of seven village sites that flourished around Yaagun Kaahlii Stl’ang, an estuary at the mouth of Yaagun Gandlee Yakoun River to the west. With Gámdas Gandlee to its east, the modern village of Gamadiis lives among abundant natural ecological wealth. The waterways shelter nine salmonid species, two lamprey species, and birds of all kinds. These nourish and maintain surrounding spruce and cedar old-growth forests.The modern village at Gamadiis was founded in 1907 under the name Queenstown. Residents later changed the name to Port Clements in 1914. Today hard-working and friendly logging families fill the town. You will find a grocery store, hostel, restaurant and bar, gas station, post office, library and docks. Some residents also maintain businesses in adventure tourism, including kayaking and fishing outfits. Be certain to stop at the Port Clements Museum to see a terrific collection of objects that defined Haida Gwaii’s recent history.On the west side of town, you will find RV and camping sites at Sunset Park, a two-kilometre trail along berry-filled waterfront, and a walk through old-growth at K’iid K’iiyaas K’yuu Golden Spruce Trail. The gravel road leading west out of Gamadiis turns south to a vast network of logging roads. These roads will lead you to Chaahluu Kaahlii Rennell Sound and Yaagun Yakoun Lake. It can be easy to get lost. You will need accurate maps, and a VHF radio tuned to the local frequency is recommended.

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Check out the many historical offerings and get expert advice at the Port Clements Museum.

Stop in at Bayview Market for groceries, gift, supplies and more.

Rent a kayak, take a lesson or enjoy a guided adventure with Kayak Haida Gwaii.

Get some delicious food at Fork in Port food truck.

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