HlGaagilda Skidegate

Visitors arriving at GuhlGa Llnagaay Skidegate Landing can drive four minutes north to get to HlGaagilda Skidegate. The village’s primary Haida name means “Place of Stone”. The modern village stretches across four separate village sites including K’uust’an Xaana to the north, HlGaagilda towards its centre, and ‘Laana Xaajuuwaay and HlGaaxid at its south. Haida history here reaches back to the late glacial maximum when ice sculpted the hills and eskers now hidden beneath thick rainforests. You can see the clearest signs of these vanishing beings along the coasts where they left trails of boulders, called moraine deposits, behind.HlGaa K’aayhllnga Balance Rock represents one of these boulders, delicately set in place by a powerful glacier. Visitors are welcome to explore the inlet’s beautiful swimming beaches, but please show respect to this SGaana Supernatural Being. To explore the woods you can hike GuuhlGa Siiwaay K’yuu Spirit Lake Trail, right behind HlGaagilda. A carved cedar panel and longhouse shelter mark the trailhead, which will lead you on a two-hour walk through a diversity of forest habitats. Hikers will likely see some of Haida Gwaii’s mammalian, amphibian, avian and myxogastrian inhabitants.Just as in Gaw Tlagee Old Massett, Haida have filled HlGaagilda with carved cedar monuments, which you will see throughout town. Please admire these living community members respectfully.Explorers can relax at two restaurants or make reservations for a private dinner. You will also find a grocery store, gas station, coffee house and gift shop.Kay LlnagaayFrom HlGaagilda you can drive two minutes south to Kay Llnagaay. Haida have lived at Kay for millennia. Today it is home to the Xaaydas Giinaa.ah Naay Haida Heritage Centre and Saahlinda Naay Haida Gwaii Museum, which safeguard a world-class collection of Haida objects.Another minute drive along the highway will bring you to the BC Ferries terminal at GuhlGa Llnagaay Skidegate Landing, from which visitors can reach K’il Llnagaay Sandspit and Kxeen Prince Rupert.

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