G̱aw Tlagee Old Massett

In recent history, Gaw Tlagee the land around Masset inlet was a busy metropolitan trading centre, crowded with canoe traffic. A rich natural ecosystem supported 11 Haida village sites found in and around Gaw Tlagee. Today the modern village of Gaw Tlagee sprawls across three of these, including Gad Gaywáas at its north end, Ts’ágwaals towards its centre, and K’áayang towards its south.Haida master carvers continue to fill Gaw Tlagee’s skies with gyaa’ang monumental columns, as they have since the arrival of kaaydaay trees up to 14,500 years ago. Please show respect to these living community members. Visitors also will find the village filled with woven, painted, carved, engraved, and hammered masterpieces. A stop at a gift shop will provide a glimpse into the diverse mediums Haida have mastered.You might be fortunate to arrive in time for one of many ceremonies open to visitors, where you could join the community for dinner. A boat launch is available should you prefer to catch your own meal. You will find a gas station in town on Guud k’yuuwaas Eagle Avenue.

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Stop by Tluu Xaada Naay Canoe Peoples House for a tour of the beautiful facility and carving shed (please contact in advance for tours 250-626-5250).

The incredible offerings available at Gin Kuyaas Haida Art Studio & Gifts.

In the summer, cultural dinners & evening performances are offered by the Davidson Descendants. More information available here. 

Check out Sarah’s Haida Arts & Jewellery for authentic Haida artworks, gift cards, books, prints and more!

Delicious and fresh food at Sandy’s Seafood Dining at 75 Raven Avenue. Check for opening hours at 250-626-7219.


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