Into the Woods – Hiking on Haida Gwaii

Spring Series, Stories

Late one evening the hermit thrushes sing. The northwest wind has finally died off and everything is calm. The surface of the ocean is a mirror, reflecting the lazy, hazy clouds sitting high in the stratosphere. The boat motors are still after a long day on the fishing grounds and the only sound is that … Read More

Dancing with the Winds

Spring Series, Stories

On Haida Gwaii the weather rarely sits still, restless and ever-changing its only pattern is movement. A commanding element, residents are subject to its many moods, ebbs and flows. Sometimes we sail through weeks of calm without notice, when suddenly the winds are howling around us. Sometimes rain persists for months, drier days a thing … Read More

Feature Artist Story Marlene Liddle


Kun Kayangas (Stlaaygee Xay Guul) Marlene Liddle weaves hats and baskets using holographic foils, copper, steel, and even 23-karat gold woven into the Red and Yellow cedar bark she harvests from the forests. Kun Kayangas, whose name means diving or spouting whale, learned to weave as an adult. She started by going out with a … Read More