I open the door and the wind pulls me outside. The storm has arrived. I look across the inlet as the salty wind braids my hair into knots. The waves have started to emerge. Trees huddle in the forest. My heart goes out to the lonely green sailboat, anchored nearby. I hear the excited banter … Read More

Kirk Thorgeirson

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Meet Kirk Thorgeirson.  In 2021 Kirk found himself down and out, and it was his community that came to his aid.  Owner of TLC Automotive, Kirk is a well known and important part of the town of Masset. His shop, in many ways, is at the heart of town. The fuel pumps and garage are … Read More

Freda Davis

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Meet Freda Davis.  Davis lives and works in Gaw Tlagee (Old Massett). She belongs to the Yahgu Jaanaas clan.  Her reputation of an impressive work ethic has seen her elected to the Old Massett Village Council three times. She is currently on her second term as Deputy Chief and meets her daily demands with unwavering … Read More

Sandy Gagnon

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Meet Sandy Gagnon.  A mother, a sister, an auntie and a nonnie (grandmother), Gagnon is from the Tsiij Gitanaay clan and carries the name Hlth kingaa, meaning “shiny musical instrument.”  A jackie-of-many-trades, her longest running community service lies in her hair salon. For almost three decades Gagnon has been shaving, shorning and styling do’s of … Read More

Kuun Jaadas (Adeana Young)

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Meet Adeana Young.  You might recognize her from her role as Hlaaya in the film Edge of the Knife. During which, she had the pleasure of working alongside her husband and four children. As a Haida language enthusiast, her participation in the film project aligned with her desire to contribute to the revitalization of the … Read More

Paddling Masset Inlet

Hiking Tales, Stories

Distance: 19.9nm Difficulty: Moderate Timing: 5 to 7 hours for an average kayaker   Know before you go  To have an enjoyable, safe and successful trip riding down the inlet, 3 considerations are essential: 1. Weather forecast 2. Tide timing 3. Direction of current flow If any one of these three factors is unfavourable for … Read More

Scootin’ and Pesutin’

Hiking Tales, Stories

Scootering and hiking aka “skooking” or “hikootering” are not often combined activities on Haida Gwaii. This adventure will have you considering forming your very own scooter gang!

An Awakening Hike Up Sleeping Beauty

Hiking Tales, Stories

Length: ~5km return Difficulty:  Moderate/Challenging Timing:  ~ 4 hours return Know before you go:  The Sleeping Beauty Trails are actually two separate trails that can be linked at the top via a ridgewalk between Mt. Slatechuck and Mt. Raymond. Some locals and online resources refer to Mt. Genevieve as the Sleeping Beauty Trail, which is … Read More

Cape Fife In A Day

Hiking Tales, Stories

Length: ~10km one way Difficulty:  Moderate Timing:  ~ 3 hours one way    Know before you go:   Water sources are sparse on the way to Cape Fife. At that, those water sources are generally stagnant bog water. There are rain water barrels that collect water from the Cape Fife Shelter, although it is not treated … Read More

A Few Feathers

Spring Series, Stories

Tiny western sandpipers skitter along the seaweed, when suddenly a black oystercatcher sounds the alarm from down the beach – a peregrine falcon! The predator rises from behind the dunes like a masked avenger and dives into the flock of sandpipers. The shorebirds take flight in tight formation; a defensive attempt to resemble one big … Read More