Gin K̲uyaas Haida Art Studio & Gifts

Gin Kuyaas – Haida Art Studio & Gifts offers a diverse selection of authentic Haida artwork, clothing and gift items. Housed inside a newly-built traditional style longhouse. Gin Kuyaas – Haida Art Studio & Gifts also serves as an inspiring place for artists to create. Customers and visitors to the islands will experience a glimpse into Haida life and find a variety of items to take home. This includes artwork, apparel with custom Haida designs, rare books, traditional cedar woven hats, Haida-designed blankets, designer bags and wraps, Haida carved jewellery and argillite, post cards, gift cards and souvenirs. 

It also carries a beautiful selection of Gin Kuyaas Custom Designed Apparel by Kuuyang Lisa White and Haida artwork by Nang K’iidaa Leegas Jordon Seward. The collection is extensive and always changing with new and fresh items arriving regularly. 

“Gin Kuyaas” means “precious things,” which is the closest translation to “treasures.” The late Haida elder and fluent speaker, Tsinii Stephen Brown, named the house many years ago. He was a great friend and mentor to owners Lisa and Jordon.

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Haida Owned &amp Operated
55 Raven Avenue
Old Massett, BC, V0T 1M0


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