Eagle Talon Adventures

Kayaking and More - G̱aw Tlagee Old Massett

What better way to explore all that Haida Gwaii has to offer than by sea! With Eagle Talon Adventures you’ll be on your way to a once-in-a-lifetime experience while cruising by on your very own kayak. Take charge of your trip and discover hidden nooks and crannies with the ocean abound and the sun on your face.

Not to worry if you’re new to the whole paddle scene- guided tours are available or partake in a lesson or two before you disembark. This is it; your chance to soak in the unparalleled beauty of Canadian coastal paradise on your terms.

Eagle Talon Adventures not only provides patrons with year-round kayak rentals and supplies, they also serve up a whole slew of wholesome and delicious eats. Fill up and sustain your energy for the full day ahead with sweet and savoury treats. They’ve got ice cream with waffle cones and locally roasted Elephant Cage coffee featuring a specially-made blend just for Eagle Talon Adventures!

While you sip on that divine coffee, have a gander at the merchandise and clothing. Learn about some of the best places and must-see natural phenomena. Haida Gwaii is one destination you don’t want to miss. Ensure your trip is one for the record books with Eagle Talon Adventures and be amazed in all that you will see.

Give them a call and start planning your trip today!

Family Friendly
Haida Owned &amp Operated
245 Eagle Avenue
Old Massett, BC, V0T 1M0


[email protected]

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