Danny and Nika knew they had a stunning oceanfront property within Naikoon Park and took their time considering the needs of the location. “It is such a beautiful site,” said Danny, “that a standard house would have been an injustice.” Danny and Nika were lucky to find the right builder who helped them build Highwater House, a beautiful elevated dwelling that matches the unique oceanside location. Highwater House, also known as Sk’wa Kansgad Naay, was a labour of love with beautiful results.

Danny and Nika used local materials wherever possible such as logs off the beach that were milled for the big support posts and salvaged old windows from a logging camp for the kitchen cabinets. They know they succeeded in really showcasing the beauty of the location.

Just a ten-minute drive from Masset, Highwater House is available for rent year-round!

Family Friendly
Haida Owned &amp Operated
Kitchen Facilities
Pets By Arrangement
Quiet Surroundings
Soaker Tubs
1 Limberlost Place
Tow Hill, BC, V0T 1M0


[email protected]

$250 to $300

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