Haida Gwaii cannot yet be designated as wheelchair-friendly but communities are working toward that goal. There are a number of attractions and activities that are accessible to people with limited mobility. 

  • Hl'yaalan Waagusd North Beach area offers access to the beach with parking at Hl'yaalan 'Lngee Hiellen Village. The beach might prove challenging as the sand is often soft, depending on wind and tides. The area has many places to sit and enjoy the surf in close proximity to one's parked vehicle.
  • There is one kilometre long (one way) barrier-free wooden boardwalk out to Kwahtsiisda the Blow Hole at Taaw Tlldawee Tow Hill. It features view points of the area and interpreative panels throughout.
  • Take a tour of the monumental poles in Gaw Tlagee Old Massett. The monumental poles in Gaw Tlagee can be viewed from the roadside.
  • In Masset, the  Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary and Interpretive Centre are also wheelchair-accessible to some degree. The interpretive centre and bird watching tower next to it are easily accessible via the walk and drive along Cemetery Road. 
  • A level and gravel pathway runs along the waterfront at Sunset Park all the way to the Port Clements Museum in Port Clements Gamadiis. The trail was designed to be wheelchair accessible, but it can be challenging at times with short hills and loose gravel if the chair tires are narrow. The six-kilometre path (one way) leads to a bird-watching tower in the Yaagun K̲aahlii Stl'ang Yakoun river estuary that is wheelchair accessible up to the first level. 
  • The inspiring K̲'iid K̲'iiyaas K'yuu Golden Spruce Trail has been levelled with packed gravel to make it wheelchair-accessible. The trail takes about 20-minutes to walk each way.
  • At the Misty Meadows campground in Tlell Tll.aal, there is a mobility beach mat that has been installed to allow better access to the beach.
  • The ocean-side drive from Tlell Tll.aal to Daajing Giids features gorgeous views of the open ocean from the roadside.
  • Xaaydas Giinaa.ah Naay Haida Heritage Centre and Saahlinda Naay Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay were designed to be wheelchair accessible. Although the inside of the centre is fully accessible, the outside area where the monumental pole tours are conducted has some due to the uneven ground. In the summer, tours at the Centre include the monumental pole, Gyaa K’id Naay carving house, Haida canoe and weaving tours.
  • The Queen Charlotte Seawalk is located in central Daajing Giids. It provides a stunning view of Xaana Kaahlii GawGaay Skidegate Inlet and Queen Charlotte Harbour at the Visitor Centre, Community Centre & Library.